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Generally, a shed pad should be at least 1 foot larger in width and length than your shed. This allows room for adjustments during delivery, and it also prevents mud from splashing on the sides of structure that falls from the eaves.

Once you determine the size of your pad, use stakes to mark out the corners. Once your corner stakes are in and square, it is recommended to remove any sod from the pad area. Once the sod is removed, we recommend installing a geotextile or landscape fabric in the pad area.

This fabric acts as a barrier preventing the stone from eventually migrating into the soil over time. Once your fabric is installed, you can then go ahead and put a minimum of 5" of crushed stone in the pad area and level. We do recommend using a plate compactor to compact the crushed stone. This will help prevent settling of your new shed. Please contact us with any further questions you may have on installing your stone pad.